Monday, September 7, 2015

We had a great Fencing Flashmob ... did you?

This year Salle Green participated in Fencing Flashmob, a worldwide effort to promote our sport sponsored by the Federation Internationale d'Escrime (the international governing body of our sport) and the Federazione Italiana Scherma. If you watched Twitter, You Tube, or Facebook you saw dozens of other fencing flashmobs in photos and videos. Ours was not the largest, the prettiest, or the longest. But it was a great success.

If you view fencing as a transaction, or if the reason you fence is all about you, this would have been a silly waste of your time. But if fencing is something bigger than you, this was a very important event. For us as a club it was:

... a chance to do something different in our fencing day - we had to organize, rehearse (well, only a little bit - we will do a better job of both photography and choreography next year), and do something that is not the same as anything else we do. If you understand that the use of different and uncommon activities in sport enhances the brain's role in performance of the sport, this was one of those training opportunities.

... a chance to do something as a bigger team. Everyone depended on everyone else to do their part. Because our model views our club as a sports team in which everyone has a role, this reinforced what we do as a fencing program.

... a chance to do something energizing and fun outside the fencing floor. Our members enjoyed doing it, enjoyed each other's participation, and enjoyed the day.

... and a chance for us, as a smaller club in a semi-rural setting, to be part of an international event that linked fencing clubs around the world in a common activity and a common purpose. For a moment, fencing was something bigger than a divisional tournament or a North American Cup or even Summer Nationals ... and we were part of that.

So go look for #Fencingmob or #fencingmob15 on Twitter or Facebook (yes, Facebook does hashtags) or Fencing Flashmob or Fencingmob on YouTube. See who our neighbors are in this global sport, and be proud of what the last 800 years of fencing has created in the digital age.

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