Sunday, August 16, 2015

This Week In 5 Minutes: The Flow of the Attack and Options

Over the past four weeks we have explored what can happen when you attack. Obviously in the best of all worlds your attack scores. And that is the focus - if you are attacking you must deliver an attack that intends to touch. However, if the opponent reacts to defeat your attack, you must also have a ready response to deal with the riposte, counterattack, or taken over attack. That as been the focus of the last four weeks.

This week we will work all five options:

(1) you attack and hit,
(2) you attack, the opponent parries but holds the riposte,
(3) you attack, the opponent parries and ripostes,
(4) you attack, the opponent pulls distance and attempts to take over the attack,
(5) you attack, the opponent counterattacks.

Classes this week will focus on reviewing each option with blocked drills, working the five options sequentially, and finally working the five options randomly. So be ready - review the material from the previous weeks to make sure you understand the underlying tactics.

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