Monday, July 27, 2009

Prevot Examination

I sat on the examination panel for a Prevot examination with Jerry Benson, Coach at Redlands Fencing, a former Chairman of the US Fencing Coaches Association Certification and Accreditation Board and a Vice President of the US Fencing Association. The candidate clearly could teach at the level expected of a Prevot - good blade presentation, smooth body movement, and clear command of the material. However, we saw a common problem, a lack of mastery of the actual standard lesson formats of teaching, training, and warmup. In some cases the candidate's ability allows them to pass, but not understanding the format and purpose makes it much more difficult. So, if you are interested in moving up in coaching certification, make a point of learning the lesson types and formats.

The reassuring part of this is that Jerry and my scoring of the examination was within 2 points in every part of the examination, and our average was the same. Jerry has done dozens of Master and Prevot examinations and helped to develop the current system. It was good to know that my scores calibrate with his.

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